Biotherapeutic products and methodologies are widely used and this research is among the fastest growing segments in the industry.

CSIR-NCL has established strong competencies in clone development, upstream and downstream process development, structural characterization of complex macromolecules, Lab scale POC to demo scale BEP development, excellent infrastructure for recombinant proteins characterization. Biosimilars are the biomacromolecular equivalents of small molecule generic drugs, and are increasingly being used for treating health conditions that are difficult to cure by the latter. The size of Indian biosimilar industry in 2022 is expected to reach 1.8 billion dollars. The National Biopharma Mission (NBM) was created by the DBT to promote time and cost effective development of biosimilar recombinant proteins and vaccines

CSIR-NCL has developed the Lithium-exchanged Low Silica X (Li-LSX) zeolite that has large nitrogen adsorption capacity. It helps to produce high purity oxygen (+96%) via PSA/VPSA unit which will further useful for treatment of patients in the hospitals.


  • BIRAC-National Biopharma Mission program: On going four projects
  • DST-DPRP program on continuous processing for monoclonal antibody therapeutic manufacturing