A ‘green’ or ‘sustainable’ plan for the R&D that serves the chemical industry is crucial to overcome different barriers.

CSIR-NCL has developed the world’s most inexpensive technology for the continuous large-scale production of precision silver nanowires. Silver nanowires have caught attention due to their suitability for printed and flexible electronics. It is used in the tightly controlled markets (viz., touch screen, conducting inks, thermal coatings, IR shielding sector, etc.) where India has almost zero footprints. Now, with this technology developed at CSIR-NCL, Indian industries will be able to manufacture this precision material. The bulk chemicals including DCDA, Cyclohexanone oxime, BPA, etc. can be manufactured indigenously very easily with the help of this approach.

Indian Chemical Industry contributes about 16% of the manufacture sector GDP and 11% of exports. The specialty and fine chemical industry comprising pharmaceuticals, agro-chemicals, dyestuff, pigments, intermediates, etc. is witnessing rapid growth at present. However, the manufacturing processes are increasingly required to become more sustainable, safer and self- reliant.


  • CFS: Multiblock polymers, Dyes and colourants, Electronic chemicals, Agrochemicals & APIs
  • Bulk Chemicals: Catalytic process for production of BPA, Process for cyclohexanone oxime